Searching for Yetis – The Mystical Value of Value

By popular request, I am re-bloging this article. My inbox was filled with people wanting to argue the true meaning of “Value”. Do you have a view?

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how it was important for in-house lawyers to realise that they are not just managers of risk, but creators of business opportunity (for that blog, click here).  I am going to expand on that theme in this blog. I am going to look at what delivering “value” from legal services means

Many GCs and in-house lawyers now want to be seen to be “delivering value” as they come under cost and headcount pressure. “Value” is spoken of in reverential terms, as if it is a universal, single truth. No one can quite describe what it is. It is as illusory as the Yeti. Occasionally tracks are discovered in the snow or it is seen at a distance, but the Yeti always escapes, just at the point we think we have caught it. “Value” from legal services is the same.

I do…

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