14 Days to Change the World

Can you help me to help others?

We often hear about the power of networks. Does networking really work? I am trying to raise money for a small charity run by volunteers, who do work in Nepal. They are called New Futures Nepal. They work with disadvantaged and disabled youngsters in Nepal . You can read more about their work hereI have agreed to join a team tackling the Sutherland Trail at the end of May 2015 for them

The trek is around 90 miles across the remotest part of the United Kingdom. It will take five days and involve traversing mountains, moorland, bogs and rough terrain. As I am not the fittest, middle aged bloke with a fairly sedentary lifestyle, this is no easy undertaking and I am going to have to get in to training. I am also going to have to go to buy an industrial quantity of mosquito repellant as I am generally a buffet for the little critters. Scotland’s midge population per square metre is as great as the population of the average European country. They will the only things getting obese whilst I walk.

As you may recall, I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. This trek is my opportunity to raise money for a good cause and show that those of us with mental health problems are capable of delivering on tough tasks. In supporting me, you support two great causes

You can read more about my challenge at www.ianjoneslaw.com and support me through sponsorship by clicking here

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