A Seat on the Board

A survey last year found one fifth of junior in-house lawyers now aspire to the boardroom.[1] I recalled that survey when I was asked a couple of weeks ago  “Should the in-house lawyer accept a place on the Board of their company?” At present, few UK lawyers can boast of having (so to speak) a … More A Seat on the Board

Brave New World

For UK lawyers, if not others, the world is turning upside down. As a result of technology and the liberalisation of the legal services market, the way in which the legal profession does business is rapidly changing. Supermarkets and accountants can now run law firms, if they choose. Proliferation is the order of the day … More Brave New World

Ethics. Not Just Compliance Please

The past decade has seen the rise of the compliance team across many organisations. What does that mean for professional ethics? The Oxford English Dictionary defines “compliance” as “an action in accordance with a request, command etc.” Compliance is therefore about the external influence of our behaviour. Ethics is about our conscience and moral principles … More Ethics. Not Just Compliance Please

A Risky Business

I had an interesting conversation this week with an in-house lawyer about risk; legal risk. The annual review of the corporate risk register had come around again. The in-house lawyer was considering how to analyse the legal risks that she should raise with the corporate risk officer. It was a headache and she rang for … More A Risky Business

He Aint Heavy. He’s my Brother (or at least my colleague from Procurement)

Why are GC’s sceptical of their procurement colleagues adding value when buying legal services? Last month further evidence emerged from the US that when it comes to buying external lawyers’ services, the procurement team is not usually on the email invite list.[1] I have had the pleasure of working with procurement colleagues on a number … More He Aint Heavy. He’s my Brother (or at least my colleague from Procurement)