Leader or Lemming?

In my last blog I wrote about silence being the enemy of good ethical behaviour. To reiterate; being silent if you see unethical behaviour is as bad as the behaviour itself. I believe it is a point most would easily accept. But if so, why do so many people keep quiet? Self-interest plays the significant role. … More Leader or Lemming?

Benefits of Risk

Say “Risk” to many lawyers and their faces contort with panic. Then the professional training kicks in with a visible sense of relief. Risk is what “business people” do: a commercial issue: a NMP (“Not My Problem”). OK, so perhaps I am being provocative, as I know that many lawyers do not have such a … More Benefits of Risk

Job Done

I am delighted to be able to tell you at 17.05 BST yesterday, I completed the 68.8 miles of the Sutherland Trail. Other than a few blisters and a cold, I got back in one piece. Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters. The good news is that you can still sponsor me, if … More Job Done

Into the Wildness

I promised that I would let people know how I was faring in my attempt to complete the Sutherland Trail for charity. So here is a brief account as I prepare for Day Four. The first three days have been as tough as I had anticipated. It is tough because the Sutherland Trail is really … More Into the Wildness

Managing My Reputation

I was speaking today to the Law Society In-House Lawyers’Conference about managing the reputation of the in-house legal function. Here is a summary of what I said. Why do in-house lawyers need to think about it? Reputation in the organisation – if you have a reputation as unapproachable, disengaged or disinterested, you will not be asked … More Managing My Reputation

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Our Prime Minister got into recent trouble by answering a straightforward question with direct answer. When asked if he would seek a third term in office, he said “No.” Instead of celebrating the unusual situation of a politician giving an unequivocal answer, friend and foe alike heaped opprobrium on him. More galling were the efforts … More Curb Your Enthusiasm