For In-House Legal Teams


In-house lawyers face common challenges.  You probably ask yourself the following questions:

What evidence can I produce to show value for money from legal services?

Can I show what “success” looks like when Legal contributes to a project?

How do I display business leadership by Legal to my senior management colleagues?

Am I on top of current trends and thinking in legal service provision?

Who is a sounding board for ideas?


We have developed the innovative Legal Enterprise Framework™. Together, we  validate your objectives (short, medium and long term) against the strategic goals and risks of your business or organisation. We then jointly set up and deliver a plan so that the identified needs are met in a focused, cost effective manner against agreed “value-based” metrics.

We have also developed a procurement service; VFM Manager™ and a risk management service; LR Manager™ which you can read about by clicking on the following links: VFM and LRM

Through our associate network, we can also offer help with Lexcel, ABS formation, regulatory compliance services. If you require further details about any of the services, please call us on 020 3021 0783 or use the contact form here