For Law Firms

The legal services market offers more opportunities than ever for in-house legal teams to choose between suppliers. It is re-assuring to know that ianjoneslaw can help you win and keep in-house corporate clients.

Offering you a range of business development and client management services, we offer support through experts who bought legal services as lawyers. We understand the drivers involved as well as the challenge of doing more with less. Our knowledge of the market place is exceptional. Our approach is innovative.

Whether you are targeting prospective corporate clients, preparing for tenders, making that important pitch for work or managing the relationship – we can help you.

We understand what in-house lawyers seek. We speak on a regular basis with senior general counsel about what keeps them awake at night. With that understanding, we can help you concentrate your energy where it matters, improving both your relationships and your profitability.

Through our associate network, we can also offer help with Lexcel, ABS formation, COLP/COFA services. If you require further details about any of the services, please call us on 020 3021 0783 or use the contact form here