Legal Risk Manager™

Legal Risk Manager™ (“LRM”) is an innovative programme that focuses on the client organisation’s relationship with risk. In doing so, it creates a framework for the client organisation to manage its legal risks.

It tailors the legal risk management strategy to the appetite of the business or organisation to risk. By addressing the risk relationship upfront in a common language across teams and by collaboration, it reduces the time ordinarily spent on detailed risk registers and risk mapping, thereby freeing the legal team to focus on risk reduction, mitigation and management.

If you would like more information about Legal Risk Manager™, please call us on 020 3021 0783 or use the contact form here

The Benefits of Using Legal Risk Manager

Adopt a common approach to risk across your team.

Assign the level of risk decision to the right level of management.

Increase the effectiveness of your response when a crisis occurs.

Earn the reputation for appropriate risk-taking.

Build a culture of healthy legal risk management across your team.

Increase your role in securing your organisation’s reputation and brand.

How We Work

We will work with you through a small team to define your organisation’s relationship with risk.

Using the principles established within that working group, we work with you to agree correct levels of management and responsibilities for the risk relationship.

After carrying out further analysis, we will help you compile your legal risk register.

We will help you identify the correct risk owners and support them in developing risk management strategies

We provide tailored training and mentoring across your team.

Formal project closure with post project analysis, improvement recommendations

We welcome feedback, please feel free to comment

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