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Ian will be speaking at the forthcoming events:

Legal Regulation & Ethics for In-House Lawyers

Drawing on the changes under the Legal Services Act 2007 as well as the latest thinking of practitioners, regulators and academics, this course will guide in-house lawyers through the minefield of regulation and ethical challenges they face today. It will consider the recent debate on the regulation of in-house lawyers and the application of the Statement of Competence.

16th October – London – Book Here

21st April – Manchester – Book Here

Legal Risk Management for In-House Lawyers

This course will look at the whole issue of risk management from a very different perspective. Using approaches pioneered in North America in other fields, this course will demystify risk management and provide a simple framework to work with. Rather than making you more risk averse, the course will encourage you to take a healthy approach to risk.

26th October – London – Book Here

8th December – Birmingham – Book Here

9th December – Leeds – Book Here


ukprod9781405755504IHLHButterworths In-House Lawyers’ Handbook (April 2012)

The first text to bring together all the practical guidance, precedents, expert commentary and key source material for the in-house lawyer and legal team

The handbook considers the role of the in-house lawyer as adviser, knowledge manager, purchaser of legal services and governance specialist. It includes guidance on ethics, managing legal services supplier arrangements and developing the array of individual skills vital for the high performing in-house lawyer.

Butterworths Guide to the Legal Services Act 2007 BGLS07

(Contributing Author)

Providing an overview of the Act, the book signposts how its implementation will change the legal world. It explains how to take advantage of the new model, and identify new opportunities arising from the reform.