VFM™ ensures that in-house legal teams make the most of their external legal spending and obtain value for money from their arrangements. It is a service designed by in-house lawyers with many years of experience of purchasing legal services and working with Procurement. 

VFM™ helps you set your purchasing strategy. It does not matter whether you use a panel of firms or not, as the strategy is tailored to your needs and for any size of team or budget.

Once you have your strategy, we can help you test your existing spending against it. As a result, we help you find inefficiency, duplication, overcharging and other unnecessary spending. Because of our expertise and experience, we know that maintaining a positive relationship with suppliers is vital. We know that the process must be carried out in an open and candid way.

We can also help with procurement projects including panel formations, bid processes, supplier relationship management and other purchasing strategy issues.

The Benefits of VFM™

Increase your return on value for each £ of Legal’s spend.

Identify inefficiency and duplication in your arrangements

Align your external providers delivery against your scorecard.

Deliver a legal services procurement exercise to achieve your purchasing strategy

Demonstrate robust supplier management.

Build your management information in a meaningful way

Prepare for your next supplier tender exercise

Adopt procurement practice without external imposition

We welcome feedback, please feel free to comment

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